Why St. Maurice School

St. Maurice School was founded by St. Vital Parish to meet the educational needs of Catholic families. Consequently Catholic children of all backgrounds and abilities have priority for admissions. Non-Catholics are eligible for admission providing spaces are available in the given grade. Everyone is encouraged to apply. See the application information documents for more information.

Since 1958 we have established a tradition of academic excellence within a structured learning environment permeated by Christian values. In June 2016 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our first grade 12 graduating class – The Class of 1991! Since that time our graduates have gone on to excel in a variety of fields. Over 93% of our graduates continue on to post-secondary studies. Invariably they come back to visit and they tell us, “We were well prepared!”

Along with a strong academic culture, our school has developed into a vibrant community with a family atmosphere where all students feel welcomed, safe and at home.


Other Highlights of St. Maurice School

  • Liturgical celebrations at St. Vital Parish Church

  • School Uniform K-12

  • Over 35 extra-curricular activities to choose from including one of the top debating programs in the province.

  • Grade 12 Advanced Placement Courses

  • Christian Service Program Grades 7-12

  • High School Business Education Program

  • Non-semestered year-long courses in high school


St. Maurice School is a full service education institution:

  • St. Maurice Daycare (ages 1-5), adjacent to the school buildings

  • Full time every day Kindergarten classes, 8:30 am to 3:15 pm

  • Healthy Lunch program for Grades 1 to 6 (Tues-Fri)

  • Before and After School Program for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students

  • Before and After School Study Halls for Grade 7-12 students.

  • School Cafeteria with daily food services for 7-12

Read My Story
Seema Sidhu - Class of 2015

I largely credit the values at St. Maurice as the motivation behind my desire to become a socially informed citizen and realize my potential as a student. (...) although the academic workload at St. Maurice often felt heavy, it ultimately eased my transition to university. Further, I was lucky to gain meaningful relationships with friends who are still central to my life. Five years after graduating, I still consider St. Maurice home... Read more


Harshvir Bali - Class of 2012

St. Maurice School is not just a school, but a community – a society. Though this can be said about many great schools, what sets SMS apart is its size. The small size of the classrooms encouraged deeper bonds between students and teachers alike. In my time spent at the SMS, the smaller class structures allowed for the specific interactions that are required between a teacher and the student... Read more


Kasia Kieloch - Class of 2013

St. Maurice School is unique because it is made up of a diverse community of individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds. Being surrounded by individuals from various ethnic backgrounds has taught me tolerance and cultural sensitivity...

Read more


Magda Pawlak - Class of 2009

In the St. Maurice mission statement it states that all efforts are made to foster a strong relationship between school, home, the church and the community. Students are taught to be respectful, kind and caring towards all individuals no matter who they are or where they come from (...) Everything St. Maurice teaches you about caring for others is taken with you after you graduate… Read more


Deborah Son - Class of 2010

At St. Maurice, I took on many leadership and collaborative roles, frequently assisting in planning school events, participating as an active member of student council, and eventually I was named Valedictorian of my graduating class. I was not only able to grow as a student, but also as an individual within society. All of these occurrences shaped me into the well-rounded individual I am today...           Read more

Ryan Caligiuri - Class of 2003

One of things I remember clearly about my time with St. Maurice was going to the soup kitchen and donating food to Winnipeg Harvest. To me those were just things we did in school and I didn’t give it much thought until I grew up. But those experiences stayed with me after all those years and reminded me that by giving just a little, it can mean a great deal to those who don’t have a lot... Read more

Jericho De Castro - Class of 2006

Today I have a career at Boeing Canada as a Manufacturing Engineering Specialist.(...) I still maintain a lot of the relationships with my classmates, teachers, and students at St. Maurice. It is easy to see the lasting impact St. Maurice has on its students through the successes of its graduates. Some of my classmates are now, or are in the process of becoming, nurses, optometrists, doctors, teachers and lawyers... Read more

Irving Colin - Class of 2013

What truly makes St. Maurice School most unique is how much each and every faculty member cares about their students. Throughout my time at St. Maurice there were countless instances where faculty members helped me deal with various problems whether they were personal or academic. They were always very supportive and I always felt as though I could go to them with questions about difficult concepts in school, or even some advice on how to improve my jump shot... Read more

Application Documents

International Students Application Payment

Students' Stories

Speeches shared with school mates as we celebrated Catholic Schools Week 2016.

Danielle Elloso - Class of 2020

...It wasn’t until I came to SMS that I learned more about Him. I learned that He was Love, that He’s behind everything that exists, and that He put us on this earth for a reason. As soon as I learned more about Him, I wanted to be a better person and get on the right path towards Him. It really isn’t easy to always do good and avoid evil. I’m still trying to practice my faith and get closer to God...Read more

Tyrese Gibbes - Class of 2017

St. Maurice isn’t just a Catholic school. It’s a deeply invested community of all different cultural backgrounds and religions communicating with each other on the backbone of extremely hard working teachers and principals. It’s a giant springboard able to propel us towards exceeding in life after graduation with the education and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. St. Maurice is without doubt the best option I could have gone with, and that’s why in Grade 6 I decided to stay, in grade 8 I decided to stay, and now I plant to graduate here... Read more

Suzette Doiron - Class of 2016

...A school without God’s acceptance would be a lot like not being around your best friend. Friends are supposed to be there for you and guide you to be a better person. They help you through hard times, and without them, you would feel lost. It is the same with God. If we don’t invite the Holy Spirit into our building, our atmosphere would turn from our close-knit family life to distant, unconnected relationships...Read more

Michael Krowiak - Class of 2022

One of the first things that comes to mind, when you think about private schools like St. Maurice are the uniforms.  When you wear a uniform everyone looks equal and no one stands out. This is what allows each student to attain the same amount of respect...

Read more

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