Students' Stories

Michael Krowiak
St. Maurice School
Class of 2022

My name is Michael Krowiak I am in grade six and have been attending St. Maurice school since kindergarten. Today, I will tell you why you are very lucky to be attending this great school.

One of the first things that comes to mind, when you think about private schools like St. Maurice are the uniforms.  When you wear a uniform everyone looks equal and no one stands out. This is what allows each student to attain the same amount of respect.


I always am proud to wear my uniform. Every Monday, for the past year on the way to tennis class, my sister, Emilia asked my mom if she can wear her uniform during tennis class because she is also very proud to wear her uniform.  


I have experienced many good moments at St. Maurice school, like the wonderful teachers willing to help everyone in their time of need.


I grew up in a Catholic family. Catechism being taught at this great school is helping me grow in faith. Each morning I wake up excited, knowing that I will learn something new in a friendly environment. If I have a question I know it will be answered, I am not afraid to do so.

My parents have chosen St. Maurice school because they have heard good comments from other parents and students.  We are very lucky that our school is attached to St. Vital Parish. Thanks to this parish especially Fr. Barry we are able to celebrate sacrament of reconciliation and attend various masses during school hours.


Catholic education promotes academic excellence, teaches us to be respectful, honest, and work hard. With those skills we will succeed in life.

In my years at St. Maurice I have learned how to be a living disciple of Jesus through making the world a better place, by helping others, finding something good in everyone you meet and appreciate the blessings God has given me.

It is evident that I have grown in faith throughout my time at St Maurice school I’m happy to promote this wonderful school.

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