Alexandra Cianflone
St. Maurice School
Class of 2022

My name is Alexandra Cianflone- Enns and I am in grade 6B. This is Catholic schools week and that is why I am here today speaking to all of you. I started at St. Maurice daycare when I was 2 years old.  Then I moved into Kindergarten and have been part of St. Maurice school since then. 

I enjoy attending St. Maurice School because I get to learn and live my faith everyday.  St. Maurice is a very academic school and it has so far prepared me for my later studies. My teachers are very encouraging. They have always encouraged me to do my best and have taught me great study skills. Most of my friends in public school, don't have any homework!  What I am learning at St. Maurice and the responsibilities of homework and projects will help me succeed in university. I have made some amazing friends at St. Maurice. They all share my  faith. I have been with my friends since kindergarten, we are a very close group in grade six.  We all look out for each other and encourage each other. It is like I have a family here at school. I think that is a big part of a Catholic school, It is not just a school it is a family.


My friend from across the street always asks me questions about religion on our way to soccer. It is cool to teach someone about God that doesn't know anything.


A Catholic education not only prepares you for your studies, but it helps mould us to be faithful, honest and caring people.  There are many people that are not as fortunate as us and we must always live our lives as god’s helpers and help those who need help.

Whether I am at school offering to help my classmate with an assignment or helping someone in need walking on the street, My catholic faith has taught me to be thoughtful and not look the other way.  It is very easy for us to walk by someone lying on the street but being  a Catholic means you are God’s helper. 

The Catholic-school tradition is based on the belief that every child is blessed with unique gifts, and every child has unlimited potential, regardless of that child’s status or race. I think that this is great since many people today, are judged by their race or status. It's is very important for children to know that it is not right to judge someone by race or status and to not judge anyone at all.


My parents chose  St. Maurice for me, because they were impressed with my learnings and teachings of my faith and academics at St. Maurice Daycare. It was important to them that I received an excellent education and learned how to live my life as a Catholic everyday. I now have three cousins attending the school and one in the daycare. I am glad that all my cousins are here with me.

All of you are very lucky your parents have chosen to send you to St. Maurice School. Many kids are not as fortunate as us to receive the quality of education we receive here at St.Maurice. I have been at St. Maurice for about 7 years. I am happy to wear our school uniform and say that I am from a Catholic school.


Thank you for listening to my journey as a Catholic student here, at St.Maurice.

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