Danielle Elloso
St. Maurice School
Class of 2020

Good morning. My name is Danielle and I am a student in Grade 8 attending here at St. Maurice School.  This past week has been Catholic Schools Week in Manitoba, and I was asked to present some reflections on my experience of Catholic schooling to other students at our school during the Catholic Schools Week assemblies, which were held earlier this week.  I have been invited by Father Barry to come today to share that same presentation with you. 


Before I came to St. Maurice, I went to Immaculate Heart of Mary School, which was a Ukrainian Catholic School, and I attended that school from grades 1-5. Then. I transferred to SMS in grade 6. I came here because the school was recommended by my cousins, who have graduated a couple years back. They said St. Maurice provided very good education, and that was something my parents felt was necessary in order to have a bright future.


I feel that attending a Catholic school has made an impact in my life. When I was younger, I wasn’t the most obedient, so, my parents then enrolled me to IHMS, where I somewhat began to get myself together. The main difference it had from a public school was that it had religion classes, and religion wasn’t something I really cared about when I was younger. I began to learn more about Jesus and had a better understanding of who he really was. Though, I still wanted to know more about God. It wasn’t until I came to SMS that I learned more about Him. I learned that He was Love, that He’s behind everything that exists, and that He put us on this earth for a reason. As soon as I learned more about Him, I wanted to be a better person and get on the right path towards Him. It really isn’t easy to always do good and avoid evil. I’m still trying to practice my faith and get closer to God.


Attending a Catholic School made me realize how important education is, and I began to take it more seriously. I want to work hard so that once I graduate, I can get into a good university and study the courses I’m interested in taking. In my opinion, I think SMS provides very good education. The teachers give specific details and are willing to help whenever you need it.


I enjoy going to a Catholic School, St. Maurice in particular, because I feel that it’s a friendly environment where I can learn well. The students and teachers are very kind and welcoming and it’s a place that as soon as you enter the doors, you feel very welcome. It may be a small school, but it makes it much easier to fit in and get to know other students and teachers. It’s a place where I feel I belong, and I plan on staying here until the end of grade 12.

Thank You.

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