Tyrese Gibbes
St. Maurice School
Class of 2017

Hello Everyone. My name is Tyrese. I’m currently in Grade 11, and I’ve been going to St. Maurice school since kindergarten. Now, I was originally from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, but moved to Winnipeg just before I was to start Kindergarten. My mom never had any other thought of what school she wanted to enroll me in other than St. Maurice, mainly because she had many friends who were former alumni of the school (who all grew up to be entrepreneurs, bankers, pharmacists, as well as many doctors and surgeons), and she thought that Catholic education would help me develop as an individual later in life.


Being the new kid coming to a completely different place as well as experiencing my first winter was a pretty scary time for me, but I instantly felt welcome here. The classrooms were small so you were basically friends with everyone, many of whom are still my best friends who, like me, have been here since kindergarten. Time pasted and grades flew by, but I still have fond memories of all grades including the intense jealousy of people who got to bring the gifts up to the alter, the extreme curiosity of the rare new kid, the happiness when school was closed (which only happened once when the pipes burst), and of course the sadness experienced when you realized you forgot about casual day.


Now that I’ve spent time to look back on it, I realized my Mom was right. Going to a Catholic school did help me to become the person I am today. Growing up, I wasn’t really the best student. The teachers liked me as a student, but there were many times in elementary school where I spent more time outside the classroom or on the wall than I did inside, but as a young child being influenced and taught Christian-based topics like morality and sin, it made me realize that I would get absolutely nowhere in life by being rude or talking back. It just made you dig a deeper whole.


I was also very influenced in terms of Christian Service. Now, being an average teenager my first thought was why do I have do this when most schools don’t? This is dumb. But my opinions changed when I was given the opportunity to take refugee children to the Children’s Museum. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, these children had seen war for most of their life, and to see the happiness in their eyes made me realize that with so little (just a few hours of your time), you can do so much.


To sum up things, St. Maurice isn’t just a Catholic school. It’s a deeply invested community of all different cultural backgrounds and religions communicating with each other on the backbone of extremely hard working teachers and principals. It’s a giant springboard able to propel us towards exceeding in life after graduation with the education and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. St. Maurice is without doubt the best option I could have gone with, and that’s why in Grade 6 I decided to stay, in grade 8 I decided to stay, and now I plan to graduate here.

Thank you.

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