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Award-Winning Teacher - St. Maurice’s Brenda Grieve

St. Maurice is very proud to announce that Mrs. Brenda Grieve has been selected as one of three recipients of the 2020-2021 Manitoba Excellence in Education - Teaching Excellence Awards. Brenda’s community service and devotion to students, especially those most in need, made her an ideal candidate for this prestigious award. Brenda has served St. Maurice School for the past 33 ½ years.

Brenda brings love and life to all those she interacts with. She is a blessing to our school and to the wider community. Some of Brenda’s many accomplishments, both at St. Maurice as well as with the wider community, that have led to her selection as this year’s recipient were:

  • RCGW- Reading Council of Greater Winnipeg – President from 2009-2010 and member for 18 years

  • Past Manitoba Reading Association Membership Director and representative for 10 years

  • Recipient of a Recognition of Service to the Adolescent Literacy Summit award- planning the first 5 summits and nearly a decade of commitment.

  • Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice Award (MYRCA) representative, Director of Membership, and President (4 year path)

  • Manitoba Catholic Schools Resource Teachers Group- President

  • St. Maurice Literacy Team lead- many years

  • I Love to Read organizer- many years

  • Advocate for teacher learning and professional development

  • Organizer of the St. Maurice Little Free-Book Lending Library on Pembina Hwy- open to the public and widely used

  • Service for 33 ½ years at St. Maurice School: Resource since 2002. Classroom elementary teacher beforehand.

  • Staff event organizing, bringing a positive energy wherever she goes, especially during stressful times. Widely loved and appreciated.

  • Co-ordinating with clinical services from across the city to ensure best services are provided to students and staff of the school.

  • Supporting and scheduling the school’s EA team every day.

Through the difficulties that Covid-19 has brought, Brenda has remained a rock. Students and staff count on her constant smile and positivity. Children and staff are happy to be here at St. Maurice School, and this is largely due to her hard work at maintaining the positive atmosphere and strong relationships that keep us all together. Students and staff of St. Maurice really love Brenda, and we are all thrilled that she is being recognized for the life she has devoted to serving us.


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