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Diana Hanna
Class of 2013
3rd year Faculty of Science, U of M

What is special about St. Maurice School?
St. Maurice School has many special things about it which I noticed and enjoyed throughout my four years in high school. One thing that still stands out and I am missing at university is the small size of the school. The small number of students made the school more than just an academic experience, it was a personal experience. Being at such a small school allowed me to interact with faculty and students on a very personal level. It also allowed me to interact with my fellow classmates and have very intimate bonding experiences with them. I have remained friends with most people from high school with bonds that will never be broken!
Another special thing about St. Maurice School is the cultural diversity; my class had people from over ten different countries! This helped me to appreciate Canada's multiculturalism and get experience learning about other cultures.


How did St. Maurice School prepare you for post-secondary and life success?
After graduating from St. Maurice School, I went into University of Manitoba Faculty of Science. The school has prepared me well to mingle with people and make new friends which was the easy part about university. The difficult part of adapting to university is the heavy workload. However, because St. Maurice school has a course workload heavier than most schools, it only took me about two weeks to get used to the system where as I see many other students continued to struggle to adapt to all the demands of university.
Another way that St. Maurice prepared me for post-secondary and life success was through all the help and resources available at school such as the help from teachers and the school counselor in my applications for university and scholarships. The school also periodically invited alumni to give chats with students. This helped us with our choice of programs and courses and to give us insight into what university is really like.  Therefore, going to university was not a surprise; in fact I was well prepared for it.
Also, due to the small size of the school, students get a chance to build a personal relationship with teachers. This allowed us to befriend our teachers and seek their advice for academic and personal life without feeling distant from them. A lot of my high school teachers’ advice about university and life I still find valuable!  For example, when I first started at St. Maurice, I was a new immigrant in Canada and did not know any English. I felt welcomed at the school by my peers and staff supported me by offering me help learning English (two hours of EAL help per day which improved my English dramatically within in 2 months). Staff was also very supportive emotionally as the transition to Canada for me was difficult.

*** Update: Diana was accepted into the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2016.


What has St. Maurice School taught you about giving back?
Giving back was always stressed at the school. I was on the Social Justice Committee which promotes social justice and funds different projects such as building a school in Kenya or volunteering at soup kitchens. Also, being part of the school taught me to give people support and love just like what I received from staff and students when I first moved to Canada. In addition, doing activities like Christmas hampers and the various fundraising drives for social justice projects were other great ways to learn about giving back.
Altogether, St. Maurice taught me so much about post-secondary education, giving back and about myself as well!

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