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Deborah Son
Class of 2010
2nd Year Law, UofM

What is special about St. Maurice School?
One thing that truly stands out about St. Maurice is the size of the school. With fewer than 200 high school students, it is one of the smallest high schools in the city. This is significant because the school became a second home for many of us. Not only does every student and teacher in the school know each other by name, but also about each other’s families, interests, and aspirations. This creates a secondary support system outside the home that allows students to thrive in a comforting and encouraging environment. As an inherently shy person, the small school environment gave me the opportunities I needed to take on leadership roles throughout high school and develop confidence in my own abilities.


How did St. Maurice School prepare you for post-secondary and life success?
Attending St. Maurice for seven years pushed me to be a hard-working and dedicated person. I was consistently challenged by the workload as well as encouraged to be creative and independent. I learned how to organize my time between classes and participation in extra-curricular activities. This provided a solid foundation for my demanding future university experiences. At St. Maurice, I took on many leadership and collaborative roles, frequently assisting in planning school events, participating as an active member of student council, and eventually I was named Valedictorian of my graduating class. I was not only able to grow as a student, but also as an individual within society. All of these occurrences shaped me into the well-rounded individual I am today.

Currently, I am a second year student in the Faculty of Law at University of Manitoba. Although I did not know when I graduated high school that I would end up studying Law, I was able to confidently steer my direction in university towards a path that allowed me to get there. St. Maurice provided me with the foundation that I needed to put me on this road and I hope one day that I can also provide such a positive influence on another individual.


What has St. Maurice School taught you about giving back?
St. Maurice requires all of its students to spend a certain portion of their time outside of school participating in acts of community service. It was because of this requirement that I first began volunteering for St. Amant, a foundation dedicated to the needs of individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Throughout high school, I spent approximately three hours a week working in their Developmental Services department with people who I eventually developed close connections with and deeply cared for. It was because of this volunteering experience that I became aware of an employment opportunity with the foundation, and for the past three years I have been a support worker in their Community Residential Program. Being involved with St. Amant has showed me how to be understanding, compassionate, and empathetic, especially to those who are vulnerable; it was because of St. Maurice that I was able to gain those experiences.

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