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Irving Colin
Class of 2013
2nd Year Faculty of Applied Science, UBC

What is special about St. Maurice School?
Smaller class size! While attending St. Maurice the small class sizes allowed me to interact with my teachers more thoroughly in and outside the classrooms. However, what truly makes St. Maurice School most unique is how much each and every faculty member cares about their students. Throughout my time at St. Maurice there were countless instances where faculty members helped me deal with various problems whether they were personal or academic. They were always very supportive and I always felt as though I could go to them with questions about difficult concepts in school, or even some advice on how to improve my jump shot.


How did St. Maurice School prepare you for post-secondary and life success?
After graduating from St. Maurice in 2013, I was accepted into the Civil Engineering Program at the University of British Columbia where I am currently enrolled in the UBC Engineering Co-op program. Getting accepted was very difficult, but St. Maurice prepared me in a variety of ways. They helped me research universities, send my applications, keep track of deadlines and send out all the necessary paperwork. However, what sticks out in my mind was how they helped me write the essays I needed to send out as a part of my application. English has always been my weakest subject, but the teachers at St. Maurice helped me edit and revise all my entrance essays. They helped me write the essays to the best of my abilities which helped me present myself in the best way I could to all the universities.

Upon arriving at UBC it was time to expand on the knowledge I gained in high school. This was the easy part of adjusting to university, the difficult part was adjusting to the workload – typical for most high school students. I felt as though this is where St. Maurice prepared me the best. The workload at St. Maurice is definitely heavier than most high schools! At the time I wasn’t very enthusiastic about all the work, but looking back I am grateful for it because it eased me into the even heavier workload I am now experiencing in university. Without this preparation, I would not have been able to do as well as I did in my first year and get accepted into co-op program as early as I did.


What has St. Maurice School taught you about giving back?
Apart from the academic advantages St. Maurice provided me, the school also taught me about giving back to the community. Everybody gives back in different ways, and St. Maurice helped me realize that the best way I could give back was through athletics.

I have played basketball, volleyball, soccer and badminton for St. Maurice throughout high school as well as provincial football for Manitoba from grades 9-12. St. Maurice taught me to give back to the community through coaching. I was provided with the opportunity to be the assistant coach of the girls’ soccer team in grade 11 and 12. After graduating, I used this experience to begin coaching football for my former teams during the summer. As an athlete, I understand coaches can help kids fulfill their full potential on and off the field by teaching them discipline and balance, just as my St. Maurice coaches taught me: the discipline to put in sufficient work to develop one’s skills and the balance to succeed athletically and academically. It is an extremely rewarding process to see how players develop and it is something I plan to continue to do every summer.

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