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Our students look forward to a very busy November. Please check our website’s monthly calendar for the plethora of student centered “Patriot Pride” activities. Grade level masses, hot lunches, serving the less fortunate at the Immaculate Conception drop in centre, the Remembrance Day Services and exciting volleyball action will be but a few  school spirited events.

A few notables include the grades 7-12 report cards to be distributed on Friday,  November 8. Please review this summative assessment and discuss with your student his/her strengths and areas on which to work.  Mistakes are opportunities to learn.

Parents of  grades 7-12 students are encouraged to attend 7-12 Parent Teacher conferences on  Thursday, November 14 from 4:00 to 9:00 pm and Thursday, November 21 from 4:00 to 9:00 pm.  Students are also encouraged to attend. The K-6 report cards will be distributed on Friday, November 22 with the K-6 Parent Teacher meetings scheduled for Thursday, November 28 from 4:00 to 8:00 pm and  Wednesday, December 4 from 4:00 to 8:00pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity to assess your child’s progress; we encourage your presence on his/her journey to success.

Your child’s classroom teacher, the school counsellor, resource teacher and administration support your child. St. Maurice School welcomes the opportunity to do “whatever it takes” to help your son/daughter succeed. We look forward to working with our students to help them grow, develop and grow strong in their Catholic faith.

With the wetter weather and cold temperatures please ensure that your child has an extra pair of dry clothes stored in their lockers; these are invaluable when needed.


God Bless,

Patrick Bennett

Vice Principal (For K-6)

Volunteer at St. Maurice

Parents and other adult volunteers play important roles in many areas of the school’s effective operation.  Parent volunteers are involved in helping to supervise field trips, acting as coaches for sports teams, helping out at special events, etc.  Parents are required to make prior arrangements with the teachers or the administration in order to volunteer at the school.  All visitors to the school (including parent volunteers) must report to a school office immediately upon entry. 

All adults who wish to volunteer in the school must obtain a Child Abuse Registry Check form from either of the school offices and return the completed form to the school office for processing well in advance of their volunteer work in the school.  There is no charge for this check when submitted by the school for its volunteers.  It may take up to 6-8 weeks for the process to be completed by the proper authorities, so please complete the required paperwork as early as possible.  A cleared Child Abuse Registry Check will be held as valid for three years for volunteers.  Please call to speak with or to leave a message for Ms. Johnson (204-453-4020) if you wish to determine when your previous Child Abuse Registry Check submission will expire; she will call you back with the date by which you must renew your check.

Adults wishing to volunteer at St. Maurice School are invited to leave their name and area of interest with Mrs. Langstaff or Mr. Lomonaco for sports, Mrs. Jorgensen for the Library, or Mrs. Oneschuk for all other volunteer opportunities. 

The SMS Parent Guild is always seeking volunteers for their events and activities … contact the Guild by email at or via their website at


Huge thanks to all those who have volunteered in the past!  This year’s students and staff look forward to having you as a volunteer too!

Campus Ministry News

On November 15, St. Maurice is hosting a retreat for all grade 9 students.  This year’s theme, I Chose You, takes its name from the Gospel of John, where Jesus tells the disciples, “You did not choose me but I chose you.” November kicks off with a celebration of the Saints—all those women and men whom God set apart as leaders in faith and virtue.  These heroes are not fictional, but real people like you and I, who answered when God called.  Each of us do the same in our own lives.  God chooses each of us to live out lives of holiness.  If it sounds like a high bar to clear, that’s because it is.  It’s impossible to do it on our own, but with God’s help, anything is possible.

Our retreat reflects on the possibilities that are open to each of us.  Grade 12 students will serve as team leaders on the retreat, choosing a special name and theme for each of their groups.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  It promises to be a positive and memorable experience—it might even be fun too.  All Grade 9 students who plan on participating in the retreat should have their permission slips in by Friday, November 8th to Mr. Bailey-Robertson or the High School office.

Tom Bailey-Robertson,

Director of Campus Ministry (7-12)

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