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Patriot Pride Corner

"One of Sam Mercier's favourite ways to express himself is through his artwork. Sam likes to draw his pictures in his sketchbook with a Sharpie, and he never makes a mistake. Then, he scans them onto the computer and colours them on Photoshop. Some of his other hobbies include going for walks, swimming, skating, and riding his bike. Sam's love for art was his motivation for participating in this contest. He hopes you enjoy his artwork as much as he does!

Sam is a grade 11 student who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sam was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Early on, it was thought that he would never be able to express himself verbally or through other formats. With hard work, Sam now learns in an inclusive classroom and loves to talk to all his friends and family. Sam has a great love for animation, which has proven to be an avenue for his self-expression. One day, Sam hopes to work for Pixar Animation Studios."

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