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At St. Maurice School the resource teacher has a multi-faceted role and is part of the Student Services team. The resource teacher works collaboratively with the school counsellor, administration, teachers, parents, students and outside support services.


Resource supports students by providing their classroom/subject teachers with assessment information, resources, materials, strategies and information; teacher use this information to better support students in their classrooms. The resource teacher does not typically work one on one with students, but rather helps develop and implement a learning plan that is delivered by classroom teachers, or through educational assistants.  


Specific assessments are administered by the resource teacher on behalf of the teachers who want to delve deeper into defining what may be impeding a student’s learning in the classroom. This is only done after the teacher has discussed these concerns with parents. Then the Student Services team decide what type of assessment to administer depending on the information being sought.


The resource teacher also oversees the Educational Assistants working at St. Maurice School.  In collaboration with Administration, EAs are matched with students and groups to ensure the best fit.


St. Maurice School's Guidance and Counselling programs and services are intended to help all students realize their full potential. The Guidance Department, with the support of teachers and parents, will help students in embracing their challenges to meet their goals.

The Guidance and Counselling Program is subdivided into four parts:


  1. Counselling/Therapy Services​: 

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Therapy


  2. Educational Services

  • Grade 12 transition to University/College (Career Counselling)


  3. School-based Consultation, Planning and Coordination

  • Direct observation in school setting​

  • Collaboration with clinicians and teachers

  • Assistance with program adaptation and modification​

  • Providing resources for school staff​

  • Bringing-in Guest Presenters for special topic presentations


  4. Development of Effective Behavioural Change

  • Direct observation/Assessment of the student

  • Collaboration with parents/guardians, clinicians,  administration and teachers

  • Helping in crafting, implementing and evaluating IEP/BIP

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