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News from the stacks: an update of library happenings

Happy new year everyone! I hope you’re staying warm in this cold weather!

Thankfully, things haven’t changed much in the library this year. We still physically-distance, hand sanitize, and stick to our cohort when in the library. Although I enjoy recording stories for the students to enjoy online, it is so much better to be back in person to read to them!

I read aloud to Kindergarten to Grade 8 students once in each school cycle. We are also continuing book exchanges once per cycle for each Grades 1-6 class. I am grateful that administration has deemed this still possible, even though space is at a premium.

This last week of January has been a flurry of activity as we prepare for I Love to Read Month (ILTRM), Black History Month, Catholic Schools Week, and Valentine’s Day – all in February!

To honour Black History Month, there will be a display in the hallway and titles that highlight the accomplishments and experiences of Black North Americans will be on display in one prominent spot so they are easily seen by the students as they come in for book exchange.

This year’s ILTRM theme is “Let your love of reading grow!” and will feature a plant/flower motif including a free gift of a bookmark made from wildflower seed paper that can be planted indoors now or outdoors in the spring.

This year, the library is holding two separate “Battles of the Books”. This process is similar to tournaments like March Madness: beginning with 16 different books, non-favourite books are eliminated one at a time until the “Elite 8” remain, then the “Final 4”, and finally we have the championship between the last 2 books.

For the K-3 students, I will read different pairs of books (ex. two Robert Munsch books or two Mo Willems books) and each class will vote for their favourite of the pair. The winning book will be revealed at the end of the month!

For the 4-6 students, there will be eight pairs of books that students are encouraged to read on their own. Any student who reads a pair of books can vote for their favourite. Votes will be tallied, and the winning book will be announced at the end of the month.

All students will also get the chance to review any books read during the month. Book reviews received will be affixed to the library window flower display and 1-3 reviews will extend down their hallway and down the 4-6 hallway for the 4-6 reviews. Which vine will extend longer by the end of the month?

As always, students will have the opportunity to participate in a reading challenge. All students completing a reading challenge will receive a free prize (sticker, pencil, eraser, notebook, etc.).

Have a wonderful February! Happy reading!

From Mrs. Cheryl Doiron, Librarian

~Let your love of reading grow!


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