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Staff Plank Challenge

Which staff member can plank the longest?! Nerves of steel prevail at lunchtime plank challenge.

As the noon-hour approached, some staff at St. Maurice School found themselves preparing for competition. Originally suggested by our very own Mrs. Kang, word of the staff plank challenge quickly spread throughout the school. Bringing out the fiercest of competitors, onlookers stared in anticipation as Mr. Allard, Mr. Sagriotis, Mr. Gamby, Mrs. Sproule, Mrs. Kang, Mr. Cotter and Mr. Mizeracki steadied their minds and bodies.

After four grueling minutes, only two remained; Mr. Sagriotis and Mr. Gamby.

Eventually, Mr. Sagriotis would prevail. By sheer mental fortitude, he willed his body to push past Mr. Gamby's breaking point.

Thank you to all spectators and participants!

St. Maurice School


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