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Immaculate Conception Drop-In Centre

Twice per school year, the Staff of St. Maurice School prepare homemade chilli and donate money to purchase food items for the Immaculate Conception Drop-In Centre in downtown Winnipeg. For our "Chilli Sunday" on March 22nd, school staff provided 25 four-litre pails of chilli, over 50 cans of prepared chilli, 36 loaves of "buttered" (with margarine) bread, 600 cookies, 280 bottles of water and 55 kg of bananas. Special thanks to the staff who came out to the School on Saturday morning to butter over 700 slices of bread and package the two-slice “margarine sandwiches” into baggies for easy distribution at the Centre: Mrs. Montpetit, Mrs. Pagtakhan, Mrs. Rautert, Mrs. Forsberg, Mrs. Kang, Mrs. Benson-VanWalleghem, Mrs. Grieve, Mrs. Shillingford, Mr. Doiron and Ms. Daet. Mr. Doiron delivered the truck full of food to the Centre on the Sunday morning, and helped out in the kitchen to serve the chili and help clean up. The staff of the Centre served take-away meals to over 175 people and sent home larger portions and extra canned chilli to several families from the neighbourhood. Well done St. Maurice - thank you for your generosity!


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