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Europe 2022

St Maurice School had been in the planning stages for a student travel trip to Europe over the Spring Break of 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic of course forced us to cancel those plans, but we are very happy to announce that the travel trip to Europe we had intended is now being planned for the Spring Break of 2022! Although the pandemic is not yet over, we have genuine hope that the vaccinations and treatments currently showing successful development will allow our world to return to ‘normal’ and we can once again engage some of our students in one of the richest educational experiences we can offer. Please consider having your child/ren who are currently in grade 8 to 11 to join Mrs. Lantin, Mr. McCaffrey, Father Mark and Mr. Doiron on a 10 day school field trip to Krakow, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; and Rome, Italy! The parent(s) of the participating students are also welcome to join the tour and travel with us!

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the trip, including the detailed itinerary which has been planned, please contact our Travel Group Leader Mrs. Lantin at

If you are already enrolled for this trip , or enroll before February 28, 2021, you will have the option to cancel your tour risk free for any reason through June 15, 2021. EF will refund 100% of the money you paid to EF, including the $199 non-refundable deposit and the cost of the Global Travel Protection Plan.

We all of course hope and intend to travel as laid out in the itinerary in March 2022, but won’t it be great to have the peace of mind of a risk-free cancellation if your family’s situation or the world’s situation is not best for a travel trip that far into the future? Be sure to connect with Mrs. Lantin and then to register at (tour #2395756zr) as soon as possible, and before December 16th, 2020 in order to have the Travel Protection Plan offered by EF Tours.


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